It all started with birds…

My experience with photography started at the age of 10. The magical world of birdwatching got me interested in bird photography. That is when the camera became my extra limb.

Documentary filmmaking…

This profound interest in nature led me to documentary filmmaking. Documentaries are my passion projects. My work has appeared on international and local television. My very first documentary, Kalahari Tails, won me my first award at the age of 21. A tent in the Kalahari was my home for over 2 years. More recently, I have dived into the world of online video. “Eye of the Pangolin” is a film created to raise awareness for the plight of pangolins. It is free to watch on Youtube.

Nelspruit Videographer

Marketing Media

It’s not all about the birds. Creating content for businesses and individuals feeds my creativity. As a photographer in 2023, you must be diverse. My focus is mainly the agricultural, tourism and lifestyle sectors. I am thankful for this work as this allows me to keep my documentary work alive.

Freelance Cameraman

I am also available to work as a freelance cameraman. I have worked on various international documentaries as well as popular shows on local television such as Carte Blanche.

My Youtube Channel

I am currently growing my Youtube channel where I plan to share more conservation and awareness content, as well as unscripted wildlife footage and short films – especially about birds!