An Oasis Overlooking Kruger

Positioned away from the main lodge, the Elephant Suites offer a unique vantage point over the Crocodile River and the expansive Kruger National Park. The view is simply breathtaking; herds of elephants and buffalo frequently visit the river, while the sight and sound of hippos add their charm to complete the picture. And if you are lucky enough, you might even spot a big cat or two coming down to the river. 

Luxurious Comfort in the Wild

Stepping into the newly renovated Elephant Suites, I knew my photography session was going to be a breeze as they are beautiful from all angles. Tastefully decorated, each room exudes warmth and sophistication. They’re not just places to rest after a day out on a Kruger safari; they’re havens of relaxation. The rooms are equipped with all modern amenities, including a fridge, Nespresso machine, television, and a private swimming pool. 

A Deck with a View

One of the best features is the expansive deck that offers an uninterrupted panorama of the Kruger National Park. It’s the perfect spot to unwind, drink in hand, while watching the wildlife activity down by the river or enjoying the stunning African sunsets. 

Capturing the Feeling: Photography and Video

As a lodge photographer, it was a delight to capture the essence of these Elephant Suites. The challenge was not just to photograph the stylishness but to also convey the sense of tranquility, luxury and spectacular views. The short walkthrough video aims to provide a better idea of what these suites offer. 

For those seeking an escape to the Kruger, or for a round of golf at Leopard Creek, Buhala Lodge is the ideal retreat. Visit to book you next visit. 

Looking for a Lodge Photographer?

If you’re a tourist establishment wanting to portray the essence of your lodge in the Greater Kruger area, I’m here to help. As a seasoned lodge photographer and videographer, I specialise in showcasing the beauty and of lodges in the beautiful Lowveld. 

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