I had the privilege of spending a day capturing the Timbavati Traverse, an event that blends adventure, fundraising, and a passion for conservation into one incredible experience.

The Timbavati Traverse is not your typical race. It’s a race with a mission, where every stride and every drop of sweat contributes to a greater cause. This event is a fundraiser event, supporting field rangers and the fight against rhino poaching. As I got ready for filming, I couldn’t help but feel the energy and purpose that permeated the air.

As a filmmaker, my goal was to not just document the race but to capture the essence of the day – the excitement, the camaraderie, and the sheer determination of the participants. From the starting line, I followed the various groups as they embarked on their journey through the Timbavati wilderness, with the “Big Five” silently watching from the shadows. The day was a symphony of energy and enthusiasm. Runners, walkers, and nature enthusiasts came together to test their mettle in this wild terrain. My camera captured the moments of exhaustion and triumph, the cheers of support, and the smiles that reflected the joy of the experience.

Filming the Timbavati Traverse was an opportunity to witness the power of human determination, the beauty of the African wilderness, and the importance of protecting it. It was a day filled with laughter, sweat, and a shared commitment to preserving this remarkable ecosystem. It’s a day I won’t soon forget, and one I’m proud to have been a part of.

Thank you to Kyle Lewin for the additional filming on the day!