Photographing trucks on the open road is a thrilling experience

From photographing the iZusa trucks on the road, to the everyday activity in the yard and workshop, doing truck photography for this well-known transport company was a fantastic experience.

The first step to capturing good content is the willingness of the client to set aside time for the photography. The iZusa team was eager and willing to make the most of the time I had to shoot. At sunrise, the first collection of trucks was ready to roll, as well as a bakkie for me to sit on the back and photograph the trucks on the road. It was important to get the trucks on a quiet stretch of road before sunrise so that I could make the most of the best light. It’s on shoots like these where everything feels like a blur – you have to focus while the wind is howling over your head, hanging off the back of a moving bakkie while holding onto your camera for dear life. But at the end of the day, the results are so worth it!

Back at the yard and workshop things were a little more relaxed. The most difficult part is getting the trucks in place. This always seems easy in theory, but coordinating this can be daunting.

iZusa | Mooirivier Depot

iZusa has a new depot in Mooirivier in Kwazulu-Natal. One thing I learned about Mooirivier is that it gets super cold, and I wasn’t even there in the peak of winter. This depot was a mixture of beautiful scenery, state-of-the-art workshops, and a few cattle on the farm. Again, the iZusa team was always eager and willing to help organize things for the best possible images in the time that was allocated.

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