Let’s photograph some dogs!

Seeing all the highly professional and creative photographs of dogs on social media left me inspired to try it for myself. To be a pet photographer, you have to have fast lenses, super-fast reflexes and be ready to have lots of fun. We have the perfect locations around Nelspruit. All that was needed were a few dogs and their owners who are willing to be up and ready at the crack of dawn for a photo session.

pet photographer
Farouk | Rhodesian Ridgeback

First up was Karin and John with their beautiful Rhodesian Ridgeback, Farouk. With his shiny coat and loving nature, Farouk was a pleasure to photograph. Being bush lovers, there was no better destination than a rocky outcrop surrounded by nature, trees, views and a Lowveld sunrise.

Lexi, Lugar and Bodhi

The next session was with Peter and Christelle with their three energetic dogs, Lexi, Lugar and Bodhi. The chosen location was Kaapsehoop. They often take the dogs hiking in Kaapsehoop. It is close to Nelspruit, has lots of open space to wander around, picturesque waterfalls to swim in and a picnic spot to sit back and relax after a long walk…. So it made perfect sense to do the shoot in the surrounding area around the town. It was a beautiful morning, and the golden light completed the picture.

See the happiness in their eyes

Taking photographs of dogs test your skills as a photographer. They don’t follow directions, they are unpredictable, and when they first get excited about all the attention they are receiving, there is no end to these bundles of energy. The most difficult part was being fast enough to capture the moments and predict what will happen next! All-in-all, these photo sessions are just a fun time outside with lots of laughter.

A good photograph of your pet must capture their personality.  Letting them run wild and free outside certainly brings that out. You can just see the happiness in their eyes!