Capturing the Essence of Red Sun Horticulture: Where People, Passion, and Perfect Plants Flourish

As a farm photographer who loves capturing the essence of agricultural beauty, I had the privilege of immersing myself in the heart of Red Sun Horticulture, where I witnessed firsthand their dedication to delivering perfect plants for the macadamia and avo industry.

Red Sunrises

Mornings at Red Sun Horticulture started with a breathtaking spectacle: a vivid red sun rising above the horizon. The colourful sunrise set the tone for the journey, infusing every photograph and frame with the same vibrancy!


At the core of Red Sun Horticulture is a dedicated team of individuals whose passion for plants is palpable. They are the silent heroes behind the lush greenery. With my lens, I aimed to capture their devotion, their hands carefully tending to delicate seedlings.


Every step of the process, from nurturing mother blocks to the meticulous grafting and packing, is executed with precision. As a farm photographer, I love capturing the fine details – the hands that ensured each plant received the exact care it needed, the intricate grafting process, and the final result: perfect, vibrant plants!


In addition to photographs, I took on the task of creating a video that encapsulated the spirit of Red Sun Horticulture. The video brings to life the daily rhythms of this dynamic farm. Through my lens, I hope to convey not just the images, but the stories of dedication, passion, and the people!

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